Making Cookies

If you know anything about me, you know I love Portal.

So I made Portal-themed cookies!

Recently we renewed our lease for our apartment and they were kind enough to say thank you by giving us sugar cookie mix! While talking to a friend, I remembered she had gifted me a set of Portal cookie cutters and voila, a need to finally use them appeared.


I also own a Portal-themed spatula so of course I had to used that as well. (I actually own many Portal-themed items… in fact, before I redid the bathroom, it was Portal themed!)

So the mixing part was fairly easy, just needed to add some flour, butter and eggs. The package actually had different instructions for cut-out cookies; I guess this surprised me a bit as I didn’t think it would matter, but I imagine this is where many cut-out sugar cookies fall apart. So those 3 tablespoons of flour make a lot of difference.

They held their shape well!


It’s not cake so you know it’s not a lie.

This obviously was all fairly easy stuff. I didn’t encounter any real trouble until the frosting part…

Now I will be the first to admit I’m still learning when it comes to decorating pastries. And I still have MUCH to learn. So bear with me on this…

My first batch of icing turned out too runny. To be consistent, my second batch turned out too thick…

BUT! I was able to use both batches to my advantage. I used the thicker icing to trace an outline on the cookies and the runny batch to fill in the outline! It worked well, except for the fact the batches were different shades. As for the companion cube, I had to get a bit creative when it came to the heart so I just used some white frosting gel I had and red sprinkles.

I’m pretty content with how they turned out, considering all the obstacles I had come into contact with! Decorating also took quite a while but in the wise words of GLaDOS:

If your confidence is still not high enough remember no one was created perfect.


Now you’re thinking with portals ♥

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