Blue Hair, Don’t Care

Mixing it up with hair has become a quarantine totem, and after almost a year, I collected that totem ๐Ÿ˜†

I have not dyed my own hair since 2013? Maybe 2014? I really only wanted platinum blonde for the past 5 years and I’m not going to trust myself to be able to do that at home so I always went to a professional! But due to a number of things, I haven’t gone to a hairstylist since December 2019…

December 2019 vs. December 2020

Great regrowth… I did cut my bangs once (another quarantine totem?) but otherwise haven’t touched it. I bit the bullet and purchased some tiny containers of oVertone because that way, I didn’t feel like I was actually “dying” my hair, just adding some color. It probably doesn’t make sense but rarely my logic does haha

I wanted to try a dip-dye look so I opted for vibrant blue (as I figured it’d work on my blonde ends) and espresso brown (because I don’t really like my natural brown coloring).

I also only purchased the color conditioners, wasn’t ready to shell out more money on it.

So far, I haven’t even touched the espresso brown. I ended up starting with the blue on my ends and it seemed to make my natural color look a lot darker which I was happy with! It was an extremely messy process… I ended up putting a blue stain in my beige rug which matched a previous purple shampoo stain… (later, Sadie decided to add her own stain so now the rug is in the trash). I felt like I was getting blue everywhere! I left it on for about 30-40 minutes and then rinsed and this is how it came out:

Also featuring colors from my new Violet Voss Rainbow eyeshadow palette

It’s blue which I was happy with! It looks slightly faded but I didn’t mind so much. It didn’t seem to lose much color after I washed it a couple days later either. But about a week later, I decided to try to make it more vibrant by adding in more blue. So I did that, left it on for like… 40-50 minutes? And it made it quite a bit more vibrant!

Images on Instagram are edited, yes, but these are not!

I really like how it turned out! I feel like I’m in my 20s again. And my hair doesn’t really feel damaged or unhealthy. I’ve only been washing my roots to try to maintain the color which seems to be working. I will note, however, that I decided to curl my hair for fun the other day and while it has been a long time since I have, the blue ends definitely felt weird. Like stiff, very dry and damaged. And only on the ends so… I’m not sure if that was my poor job of applying a heat protectant or just having dry ends anyway or if the color did do some damage… but I have some healthy hair products I can hopefully fix it with (or I should just get a trim probably… ugh, fine hair problems).

I figure once the blue fades away, I might apply the brown all over. I’ve basically used up all the blue at this point anyway so I would guess for a normal person without fine hair, 2 fl. oz. may not be enough for all over color or maybe just enough for a one time application.

I have a friend who is trying the rose gold on her blonde hair and I’m excited to see how that turns out! I am a little tempted to try other colors but first I have to see how affected the blonde is after everything I think.

If I had to give a general rating to oVertone, I’d probably give it a 7/10. If that changes for any reason, I’ll be sure to let you know ๐Ÿ˜‰

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