A New Project

:Insert opening message here:

This is not my first blog, or even my second probably. But I’ve been interested in starting a new one for a while now just to have another place to share and write down project ideas or baking fiasco or any of my other short-term obsessions in working in creative aspects, writing, crafts, painting, photography and editing videos, etc. I have a couple ideas for posts already and I’m going to set a goal of getting a post up once a week. Ideally, they’ll be short and possibly picture heavy. Maybe I shouldn’t go into what to expect since I’m really only doing this for myself and setting too many goals or specifications is a good way to drive myself away from doing something! My secret for this, however, is I’m not telling anyone about it! That way there’s less pressure too. Just another outlet to share some creativity and keep a fun project journal.

So that’s it. That’s how I’m starting this! I’m excited to see where it might go

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