Unboxing a New Bathroom

Recently have been falling in love with H&M’s Home section; cute stuff and reasonably priced. So I’ve been ordering from them a lot lately…

I decided, while looking at their Home section, that I needed to redecorate my bathroom. I loved their pink and grey theme, but knew AJ wouldn’t appreciate that style in our shared bathroom so instead, I opted for green (which works too as it’s my favorite color!)

So I ended up with a shower curtain, two large towels in different shades of green, a dark green hand towel and the printed hand towel to match the shower curtain. I also added in a small vase (I like to put flowers everywhere it seems) and a small box to store the face washes/moisturizer I get in Ipsy and Sephora monthly bags, as they seemed to be piling up a bit lately. And they’re carelessly spread in the cabinet.

I also saw that they had a cute kitten mug and I have a possibly unhealthy addiction to anything with a cat on it so I decided to sneak that into my order as well.


So I put all the bathroom stuff together and I’m quite happy with the results! It may be a bit too green… (I actually didn’t think about how the hand soap I have is green.. or the tissue box). But I’m still pleased with the results.


I also couldn’t decide on any rugs H&M had, so I took to Bed Bath & Beyond for these neutral colored ones. I seem to have some sort of threshold on green at least!

And then for my cup, since I am not a huge tea/coffee drinker, I placed that in the decorative area of the console table, along with its matching tea towel (which I purchased with an older order).

Hooray for decorating!! Maybe now I’ll be satisfied enough to stay away from ordering more online for a while… maybe.

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