New work-space

I redid a corner of our office to make my own little nook starting with a new desk!

This was another reason we had gone to Minneapolis last weekend; to pick up a new desk from IKEA. I decided I’d like one when I decided I also would like a second monitor. My previous desk did not have the space for that.


(This photo of the desk is from 2011, college days and more particularly finals time, hence all the Mountain Dew, crackers and books/papers).

It had a shelf that went across the top as well and a little cart on the side to fit a computer tower in. It was a nice desk and a birthday present originally from my parents!

But alas… I guess I outgrew it!

So I bought and put together a new desk (with some help for the heavier stuff/computer cords from AJ).


I’m very happy with it! I was able to fit all the junk lying out on my old desk into the drawer and cupboard easily and it’s all nicely organized now too! I really like things that hide the mess for me.

Also, since the desk isn’t as tall as my old one, I was able to hang back up a poster from Portal on the wall so it’s like my own little Aperture work desk ♥

Here is a photo of the empty old desk too (don’t mind the dust, I haven’t fully cleaned it off yet). If you happen to know someone looking for a new computer desk, let them know I have one to sell!


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