MOA Haul

Took a weekend trip to Minneapolis to shop!

I had a few things or shops in mind that I wanted to make a stop in; but I also just really enjoy walking around the mall for some reason. Plus the Mall of America is ever-growing so it’s always fun to see what new shops they have (and a little sad to see some go).

So first, I’ll start with the beauty/health bits.

Sephora: Had to stop in to pick up my favorite foundation from Tarte! I just ran out this week so it was a MUST purchase. The shade I use, Ivory, isn’t available here in Fargo (sad) so I either have to order online or buy when in Minneapolis.

Lush: I really did try to stay away from Lush, I have quite a few bath bombs and bubble bars I haven’t used yet. I just don’t enjoy our bathtub too much sadly. It’s small and uncomfortable. I bought this Guardian of the Forest bath bomb to use at our hotel but it turns out the room we got didn’t have a tub! I might hand it off as a birthday gift to a friend since I wasn’t able to find anything else for her while at the mall.

The Body Shop: I had picked up a sample size of these at Ulta a couple weeks ago and they are amazing. They really seem to keep my skin clear of blemishes and while I originally was going in to buy a full bottle, I couldn’t decide between the body wash or facial wash, but knew the facial wash works well on my body as well and just opted to get these two small bottles again for $10!

Next, Typo.


Typo always has such cute random things! I wanted to stop there to pick up a couple of notebooks and pens and they had a 3 for $– deal going on both so I opted for that! I’m not really anywhere close to filling my current journal, but now I’ll have a backup for when I do. And also a notebook to keep my ideas for this in as well!

Boxlunch: This was a shop I hadn’t encountered before and must be new. Upon entering, an employee explained the Boxlunch was a pop-culture shop where some proceeds also go to Feeding America. Sold. As a pop-culture fanatic, I was excited! And I LOVE that purchases also help out local food banks! It was so much fun to look at everything they had, just really awesome things! And I managed to find a Pop Funko of Harley in her original outfit from Suicide Squad! Very happy with that!

Anthropologie: Fairly new at the mall and very exciting! It’s off in a back corner near Zara so the space they have is huge! They always have such lovely kitchen items and I came across some bowls and mugs with kitties on them so of course, I had to get one. It has an adorable face on the inside of the mug too!


Lastly, clothes! I didn’t find much and one dress I wanted was not in my size so it was a bit of a bust on that but I always find clothes shopping too hard anyway.


H&M: Of course. Lovely, soft long dress (but short enough to not hit on the ground!) The back is mostly open with a strap going across (good for hiding bra straps!) And a couple of belts as well, for this dress and another I had bought at H&M a while ago.

I’d say it was a successful shopping weekend! We also made a stop in Ikea before leaving but I might save that for another post!

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