Small Project

I’ve had this idea in my head for a project for a couple of weeks now and last-minute slapped it all together!


I’m not entirely happy with it so I may use the materials to try something else with at some point. But since I’ve had this idea for a while and I’m late with my post, I thought I’d share it anyway (since I have no other posts planned yet! Oops)

It’s a pretty simply project; just need some sand, a shadow box, seashells (which I have many of), and a photo of the ocean. I have a ton of seashells left over from wedding decor and I’ve been wanting to do something with them. This project didn’t use very many however so I’ll have to Pinterest some other ideas!


The picture was one I took while we were in Hawaii (how I long so badly to go there again). The shadow box and sand came from a craft store.

First I put the picture in and pinned it in place. Then I estimated how much sand it would take to fill the bottom half, just poured it in. Upon closing the top and tilting the frame, I realized that the frame isn’t really an air tight seal so some sand shifted out the bottom. I laid down paper just in case, but it didn’t seem to spill out too much. I added in some shells.

The finished product looks neat but I’m slightly afraid it will fall apart and make a giant mess.

The reasons I’m not entirely happy with it include the possibility of causing a mess; I didn’t entirely think this project through; the seashells tend to get covered by sand; it was an extremely easy project.

I think maybe using a top loading shadow box would work better but the ones I found were much larger than I wanted. In the end, maybe I’ll be happy I tried it finally and it’s entirely easy to take apart and try something new if I don’t feel like keeping it!

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