Recent Purchases

Thought I would share some things I’ve bought this past month

Does this count as well? New “cat-too” 😉

Since I was a bit excited about fall fashion, I ended up buying some clothes to fit into my autumn wardrobe

I’m usually picky about sweaters (I did end up returning one and then buying the burgundy one later) but I’m happy with these! Very cute and soft


Bought some skirts to go with the sweaters and some nice fleece tights! Since I originally had bought a grey sweater, I bought this burgundy skirt to go with it. But it’ll probably work with some other tops I have as well


I also bought a denim jacket since I’ve wanted one for a bit now and this beautiful autumnal colors scarf!


Aside from clothes, I bought a couple other kitchen/home good items too!

Cute whale strainer (been wanting a hand-held one for all the pastas we make!); tea from Bluebird Tea Co. (already tried some Gingerbread chai and OOF it’s delicious!); tea strainer (since I have only a couple and bought five different tea flavors); and a latte shaker thing so I can add milk to the tea.


I’ve also been looking for a new door mat for awhile and came across this one which is adorable! It’s a bit too thick for the door to pass over though so I just stuck it right outside our door


I’ve also spent quite a bit at H&M again (surprise) and Michael’s but those are for another post since they’re all Christmas goodies!

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