Hooray! It’s Halloween!Despite having a terribly tough time coming down from adrenaline rushes, I do still love Halloween! Dressing up is so fun and there must be something exciting to me about getting a little spooked that I enjoy! (But really, I’m rather easy to terrify and will mostly end up crying).


So here’s some photos I decided to share with you to show how much I appreciate this holiday!

Aj and I went as WALL E and EVE for the Halloween party we were at this past weekend. We had a LARGE group of people that dressed up as Pixar characters (last year, we all did Game of Thrones!)

image1 (2).jpeg

I got this cute idea in my head to make witchy cupcakes this year! They didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted but they’re still pretty cute and I’m happy with them!

Here’s some photos of the decorating I did:


To celebrate on the actual holiday, I invited a couple people over to watch some spooky movies and snack and drink (since I got those cute glasses and needed an excuse to use them!)




Oh, and lastly, I decided this morning to dress up at work so I went as Georgie (borrowing Aj’s coat from his WALL E costume!)

image1 (1).jpeg

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! What did you end up doing or dressing as?!


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