Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s and did not freeze over the last week!

I know people say that time just flies by, and December is NO exception to that… but oh man. I missed a post ALL MONTH. I’m slightly ashamed. Maybe I should make a resolution to set up a better schedule for posts!

On that note, what are your thoughts on resolutions?

For me personally, I usually don’t make any. I have this tendency to make a set of goals to myself every couple of months and if I make too many, I get overwhelmed and give up on all of them. Rather, I will make a few goals, start slow and hope to make a habit of them. That works for a couple weeks or months! Then I give up again. Or something will happen to throw off the schedule of it or I’ll get sick and miss a couple days and not go back to it. I am tenaciously inconsistent 😉

Due to that, I don’t make New Year resolutions because I feel I’m just setting myself up to fail. I tend to feel pretty guilty after letting my goals fall through so I find it better for me to start small and make them every few months!

So let’s see. If I were to start a goal list for myself right now, it’d probably look like this:

  1. Drink more water! I don’t like water. I know that’s probably weird. So in order to drink more water, rather than just forcing myself to drink more plain water, I’ll say that drinking La Croix or Perrier or San Pellegrino would help too. Along with plain water. I think that way I’ll be drinking more water and enjoying it.
  2. Exercise! I’m extremely sedentary at work! And then mentally exhausted when I get home that I tend to sit more. Naughty. For exercise, I’m going to choose to do yoga because I really enjoy yoga; I love that it helps with stretching and building strength and balance. Plus it’s relaxing. My favorite yoga guru to follow is Erin Motz! She has a couple videos on YouTube if you’re interested
  3. Writing more! I currently have two journals going plus this blog so I definitely have the dojo ready to do this! I guess rather than just saying “writing more” I should really say “writing more consistently”
  4. Taking care of myself! Due to lethargy and distraction, I’ll often find myself not taking proper care of myself. Eating bad food and skipping bedtime routines. I think to help me with this I will set myself a bedtime to help.

I think that’ll be my list. I hope I can stick to it, take baby steps towards them! You gotta learn to walk before you run, right?

Happy New Year to all!! Let me know your resolutions or thoughts on them 🙂

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