[Winter] Favorites?

I thought I’d share some things I have been enjoying as of late. Late as in.. the past three months or so…

  • Laura Mercier Face Polish



I got this in a Sephora monthly box (I think) quite a long time ago. I loved it SO MUCH that I spent a good chunk of time trying to get every…last..drop out of the tiny sample bottle… and then I went and bought a full sized bottle. USED THAT ALL UP! Then I forgot about it. Because at $32, it’s a bit of a treat item for me! And then I remembered how much I loved it, threw it onto my Christmas list and YAY I GOT IT AGAIN! And it’s just as wonderful. I love how my face feels SO smooth after using it! And it doesn’t feel too rough. Ahhh… glad it came back into my life!

  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light

Another product I used, loved, forgot about. I believe I first heard about this from a YouTuber and I loved the idea of getting a powder to make my foundation stay in place while adding a little bit of  a sparkle or dewy look to my face! Ethereal Light is pretty much a translucent color which is good since the other shades are all a bit… well, none really match my face at all. But this one works super well for me and I’m very happy to be using it again!

  • Nest White Sandalwood & AEO Me


I recently became aware that my favorite scent seems to be sandalwood. I had no idea until I researched what some of my favorite scents were and realized they all had sandalwood in common! For a long time, I was wearing AEO Me and I absolutely LOVE the scent. As you can see, that ran out, much to my dismay. Having realized I like sandalwood, I decided to give this Nest rollerball a try from Sephora. UM. I have no idea how to explain it, I’ve never experienced scent like this before! To me, it almost smells… a bit TOO…beachy. Like that semi-unpleasant scent you get at the ocean sometimes? But this actually makes me love it even more!! The ocean is my favorite thing ever, even with its weird smells so I absolutely LOVE this scent! AND IT LASTS FOR SO LONG! I was consistently getting whiffs of it ALL day. Which I have never encountered before with a fragrance! Very impressive.

And I ended up getting the AEO rollerball in the middle because it seemed to be the same thing as my original one, but it almost smells a bit more florally; like JUST barely! My guess is that they are discontinuing the scent so I thought I’d order it and try it anyway in hopes it would be like my beloved last rollerball. It’s close enough for me to be happy I got it!

  • Breath of the Wild


A couple months ago, Aj bought a Nintendo Switch. He got Breath of the Wild and also bought a game called Snipperclips to play together (it’s a co-op puzzle game). I really wanted to play Mario Odyssey as we had played that together with some friends. But eventually I was like “well I do like Zelda a lot” so I gave it a go. At first, I was intimidated by the map. It is GIANT. Massive! And it’s like open world so I was just like I will never finish this game! But as of right now, I have put over 200 hours into it –OOPS- and it’s STILL so fun! At this point, all I have to do is defeat Ganon too but I want to keep playing so I haven’t done that yet. So this has taken up a lot of my time so I clearly love it! The story is good, the world and graphics are beautiful and I just love it so much.

  • Dark


Okay so maybe you’d heard of this show. It’s a Netflix original show from Germany. I don’t want to give too much away about it but as a genre, I would say it’s a sci fi thriller? A friend had told me about it and I also had seen it mentioned a couple times elsewhere so I just started it one day when Aj and I had nothing else to really do. We… ended up watching the first 9 episodes in one day. We were instantly hooked and just had to know what happens next! I imagine it might get compared to Stranger Things; but I didn’t LOVE Stranger Things as most people did, and this I did LOVE. If that’s any helpful insight at all…

  • Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious


I might have said this before, but I don’t listen to music a lot! I was at work listening to some indie station on Amazon, which tends to repeat itself often, but then a song called Roma Fade came on and I was like Oh… oh this is good! I have not heard of Andrew Bird before; I ended up listening to Roma Fade a few more times. Then I finally listened to his whole album and absolutely loved it! So I listened to that a couple times too! I’m a bit of a sucker for the violin plucking sound and his incorporation of whistling in some songs make it sound so different from anything that I just fell in love. And his lyrics are so beautiful and interesting! Just all around amazing, I’m very happy I found him!

That’s all for now! I recently purchased a couple items from Sephora so I may do a first impressions type post next with those! And also… if you have ANY recommendations of ANYTHING for me, let me know 🙂




3 thoughts on “[Winter] Favorites?

  1. I would love to hear about some of the Colour Pop makeup goodies. Have you ever tried one of the Elizabeth and James Rollerballs. I believe the Black one or the White has Sandalwood in it, and that is one of my favorite perfumes of all time.


    1. I haven’t tried those, but I think I got a sample of one of them in a Sephora box. I have kept all those so I’m going to go search for it now!


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