Looking at September

A wordy update to last month…

Book Update

On the drive to Omaha, Aj and I decided to try listening to a book. We “read” Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I think I liked it more than Sharp Objects; I was trying to figure out the ending as we went but I didn’t quite piece everything together correctly so the ending was a bit of a shocker.


(Side note: Aj and I also watched the movie adaptation and I really disliked it. I will say Sharp Objects did a good job with its adaptation of a mini series though, if I haven’t already mentioned that)

I also started reading The Alienist by Caleb Carr last month.


Movie Update

Gruesome month for movies! Aside from seeing The Predator (which, as I stated in the last post, brutal) and Hereditary (also brutal), Aj and I watched Upgrade which I had seen trailers for, but didn’t realize it would be hyperviolent. Still was good though! I saw people were comparing it to Venom (in that it had similar plot points).

TV Series Update

I watched the first season of Mindhunter and really enjoyed that! I found myself often agreeing with and then immediately disagreeing with Holden which made it interesting.


I also started watching Bojack Horseman, got through the first season of that (rather quickly, I didn’t even realize it when the second season started!) And Aj and I started the Evil Genius docu-series as well (wow, that show is… intense.) I’ll continue both during October!


Life Stuff

I have a started a new project… which is scrapbooking again. However, I have since learned from the last scrapbook experience and have made many changes to how I go about it! I actually started off with finding photos this time first which was made a difference already. Pre-planning has definitely been my friend this time around. I’ll update on how that’s going when I have more of it done!

October Plans

I’ll continue the book and shows previously mentioned. And those will make good companions with the scrapbook I’ll continue working on as well.

  • BAKING of course. I already have some ideas!! (Yay, autumn!)
  • Possibly thinking of another lookbook but no promises because that was difficult last year and I’m not even sure I have updated my wardrobe that much since.
  • Finishing up my Halloween costume before the 26th (plans to visit Omaha again for the large Halloween group get-together!)
  • I started a new video game a couple days ago, Far Cry 5. It made me realize how terrible I am at video games (especially stealth and chaotic action sequences) but the story is intriguing and after a hellish start, I got a little more used to it and am enjoying it!
  • I have plans for a mini Instagram series which seems rather superfluous but I can also use it as an excuse to play with the new iPhone XS I got

Phew! October already seems exhausting. But I’m happy to keep myself busy especially with some creative projects to keep me thinking positive! Let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in seeing a post of!




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