Passage to Omaha

Aj and I took a trip down to Omaha to visit our very good friends, Kellen and Vanessa over a weekend.

I enjoy visiting Omaha because of all the fun places it has to offer. And Vanessa always seems to have a new place to show us!

They recently had a new addition to their family so we didn’t go out too much but we also had a blast just being together.

Meet Luma!

The first night we were there, we decided to get a little bit spooky! We played a board game together called Betrayal at House on the Hill. We paired it with a spooky playlist. Unfortunately for Aj, Vanessa and me, when Kellen became the monster, he overtook us and won. But we did put up a decent fight I think!

(Also, for those who know Evil Dead, how funny is this?! I drew an event card which allowed me to also draw an item which happened to be the boomstick!)

The next day, we ventured to Benson for lunch at Benson Brewery and for fun at Beercade! We played quite a few matches of 4 player Pac-Man. I think each of us managed to win at least one game?

Later that evening, we decided to see The Predator on probably the largest screen I’ve ever seen! It was a decent movie, pretty brutal but paid good homage to the original.

For Sunday brunch: Early Bird

This place seemed very quirky and like a millennial’s dream. I couldn’t help myself and got their avocado toast but man…it was worth it. It was absolutely delicious!

And in true brunch form, I also had a mimosa!

We walked down the block a bit to Coneflower Creamery to get ice cream as dessert (because who doesn’t have dessert after brunch?)

They had quite interesting flavors! Frosty flakes, peanut butter and jelly, sweet corn. And vegan options and even pup cups!

And down the street even more for photo ops at a mural.

We settled in back at the house for a pizza delivery and to watch a scary movie: Hereditary. To be quite honest, I think I covered my eyes for a good portion of it. Terrifying film, stuck with me for quite a while after seeing it (and that’s with missing some of the most horrifying parts!) Really good though!! I can at least admit that. We also decided to watch The Witch as it seemed to correlate with Hereditary a bit.

Monday was our departure back home. For lunch, before we left, we got lunch at Leadbelly which is always good. The weather was 90 degrees when we left and once we got back into Fargo, it was below 60 degrees. That was quite the shock but not unexpected.

Until we meet again, Omaha! (…which will be about a month away as we’re celebrating Halloween there!)

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