Love is in the Hair: Part Two

I wanted to give some updates to the hair products I have been using since it’s been a little over a month of having the same hair care routine now!

I wanted to give some updates to the hair products I have been using since it’s been a little over a month of having the same hair care routine now!

Fudge Clean Blonde: I can’t bow down to this product enough. The intensity of it always surprises me! I use it once a week. I’ve noticed how strong it is by realizing my hands are tinted purple for a bit after using (oops) and also how if I leave it one just a tiny bit longer than usual, I notice the littlest bit of purple tint in my hair. That purple just really takes care of any brassy tones, it’s absolutely incredible. And all without leaving my hair feel dry or any different.

Fudge Shampoo doing its thing

But again, thanks to the Davines Oi conditioner for ALWAYS keeping my hair soft, smooth and tangle-free! With no added heaviness. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited about shampoos and conditioners!

On the days I don’t use the Fudge or Oi products, I use the Minu shampoo and the Alchemic conditioner. The Mini is still really awesome at cleaning my hair. I’m slightly conflicted because of how it does so well, it leaves my hair a bit tangled and hard to run my hands through. I’m considering trying Davines Nou Nou shampoo once I finish off this tiny bottle. We’ll see!

The Alchemic conditioner is not scary I have found. It’s less intense than the Fudge but I think it does a decent job of keeping brass tones away and leaving my hair quite soft! I am all about keeping this platinum the best it can be so I’m happy to have found such quality products.

After a wash and towel drying my hair, I spritz United 7Seconds Detangler throughout my hair and comb through. This detangler is no joke and has added benefits of a leave in conditioner and UV/thermal protection. And rather than blow drying my hair, I use a hot air brush to help keep my hair voluminous. It really doesn’t take too long to mostly dry all my hair since it’s so fine (and short now!)


I’ve also figured out a way to get the curls/waves I love! Before bed on some nights, I’ll curl my hair with the smallest barrel curling wand I have, get it looking like Shirley Temple. Spray a bit of hairspray in it. Let it set for a couple minutes before running my fingers through and then sleeping on it. In the morning, they’ve loosened quite a bit and each night they loosen a little more, but still tend to last about three days! (Of course the Aveda dry shampoo helps by the second/third day too 😉)

After curling
After sleeping on the curls

That’s it! I’m loving how easy my hair is to deal with now and how it manages to look decent more often.

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