Everyday Makeup Products

These are things I use everyday (and if not everyday, at least the days I put any drop of makeup on).


I will start with foundation (reaching most often for the Klairs), unless I feel like I’m having a decent skin day or am really in a rush. Otherwise I just dab some Urban Decay concealer on spots or around my nose and dab Maybelline dark circle concealer around my eyes.


Next I powder my face to set it all either using Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal OR I have also been using this Becca Hydra-Mist powder which is the weirdest sensation… it feels like I’m dabbing a wet brush on my face but it’s powder?! It’s kind of fun and also it sets everything really well. Loving that.


Bit of NYX blush in taupe to contour and either Tarte blush (I think Paaarty?) or Pixie by Petra. And Fenty highlighter (unless, again, rushing).




For eyebrows, L’Oréal Brow Plumper and Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics’s Frisk. (Both VERY used…)


If I’m feeling “fancy” or have enough time, I’ll use any of the number of eye shadow palettes I have. For eyeliner, lately, I’ve been trying to get really thin lines from liquid liner or just smudge some tightlined eyeliner using any variation of these:


I also have an array of mascaras (most mini because I get so many from Ipsy and Sephora boxes!) These are my favorites:


By the way, that Pixi one is for bottom lashes, and it does amazing things for my tiny, almost non-existent, blonde lashes with NO clumping! I recommend it.


I have a large selection of lip products, but I rarely wear any of them… I just can’t get used to seeing my lips a different color. But when I do decide to wear some, these ones are my favorite:


Yes… pink is my favorite.

I think that about covers it. Being as these are the things I use on the daily, there isn’t one item I wouldn’t recommend!

[Note: I think that L’Oréal stopped making that particular brow plumper. Bummer. Or else I just can’t easily find it. But they have similar products that I’ll probably have to try soon!]



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