Home Fragrance

Let’s talk about home scents!

Along with making sure my home looks the homiest it can, I also am obsessed with making it smell cozy! I’ve had a loooooooooong process of trying to do this and have come across things that work well.

The first thing to consider when it comes to home scents is the room. My apartment is basically made up of five rooms: two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and one large room that consists of a living room, kitchen, dining room and general open space. It also has a vaulted ceiling so it’s just a large area of space. This has caused some issues with trying to fill the area with a nice scent.

I started with candles but they rarely would give off much fragrance. I still love how cozy they make a place feel though (especially on autumn and winter nights) so I still utilize them for atmosphere and less so for fragrance.


From there, I tried reed diffusers. Well, to be honest I only tried two. I found that they didn’t increase the area of fragrance and were often more expensive so I didn’t try very many. Wax melts worked quite well but I wanted something that I didn’t have to turn on and off.


Then I decided on plug in fragrance! These, depending on the smell, can easily fill the apartment with a scent! Often times, I’ve even put in one plug in of a certain scent in the dining room area and a second of the same scent in the living room.

Occasionally, I’ll also use a room spray if I can’t smell something. Just a couple spurts and the smell fills the area.

So now that I have found these, let’s talk about my favorite scents!

During the summer, I’ll use ocean/beach scents because that is my favorite! (I’ve even been on the hunt for a scent similar to the brine smell of the sea). I really love the smell of Salt Air by Demeter [above]. It just doesn’t spread within a room enough for my liking. The other beach scents I get are available during the summer at Bath and Body Works. Usually the scent is not quite strong enough so I’ll have to get two of each scent for it to work for the big space in the apartment. But one is enough to fill the bedroom nicely!

I’m also a BIG fan of anything sandalwood so once I see that note on a scent, it goes home with me!


Autumn is when my FAVORITE scent is available at Bath and Body Works: Sweater Weather! Its notes include Fresh Sage, Juniper Berry, and Eucalyptus (I think I’m also a big fan of eucalyptus!) I always make sure to have this scent on hand once the colder weather comes in. It’s the COZIEST.

A lot of autumn scents from BBW are sweet smelling like pumpkin pastry scents or marshmallow fireside (another one I like) and those tend to be stronger scents so I only need one plug in even for the big open space.


As for winter… I’m not a huge fan of pine or peppermint or cinnamon apple scents which seem to be used for a lot of winter/Christmas scents. I did notice a lot of new ones I hadn’t heard of at BBW this year though which is exciting!


When I’m not sure of what scent to fill the place with, I fall back to some failsafe favorites like Mahogany Teakwood or Eucalyptus Mint which are more musky, earthy scents. Or Cactus Blossom which is fruity sweet!



I also pick these scents up for my car because they work so well for it! I associate my car with mahogany teakwood now, it’s so classic.

What are your favorite scents from Bath and Body Works? Or just in general! I’m always on the hunt for new things to smell!


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