What’s on my Christmas List

It feels like it’s sitting just around the corner…

Every year, my family requires Christmas lists from each other. Starting near the end of October is about when we start hassling each other to get them out. I enjoy shopping off someone’s list for a gift, makes life a bit easier and you know they’ll love it when they open their gift! Plus, I have friends and Aj to buy gifts for so I still get to have some elements of surprise gifts.

I try to write down things throughout the year, that way I don’t have to think to hard when I make a list. This is what I had on my list this year!

I try to keep it simple and ask for things that aren’t too specific and are easy to come across along with asking for more specific things. Starting with the more general items:

  • bath tray
Urban Outfitters

[Been on my list for a couple years which is fine because I don’t have a wonderful bath tub to use a nice tray with right now anyway!]


  • prep bowls or ramekins
Blue Apron

[For being more organized when attempting to cook]


  • fake tropical-looking plants

[Alas… I have killed both plants I bought this year…]

  • book ends

[I’m not picky about how they look (though I have seen rather cool ones), I just need some help holding the books up that aren’t currently sitting in the book shelf I have]

  • candle that smells like baked bread

[I’m not even sure if this exists… but I imagine it must and I need it]

  • iPhone holder for car

[So I stop wasting precious cup holders]

  • hot water bottle

[For when I’m cold or crampy]

  • cozy, plain slippers

[Again.. in case I’m cold]

  • Intimates wash laundry bag

[This seems practical and would make laundry easier]

  • felt letterboard
Urban Outfitters

[They’re just so cute!]

  • kitchen gadgets (peeler, garlic press, citrus squeezer, etc.)

[I think I might be one of those people who have way too many kitchen items since I’m intrigued in every single one that probably only works for one specific thing… but I don’t care! I like them!]

  • Targaryen things
Hot Topic

[Since I’m Mother of Dragons of course…]

More specific things I added to my list:

  • Verismo Espresso pods (decaf)

[I really only drink iced milk with espresso in it and I have a machine to make these at home… decaf since I can’t always handle caffeine well]

  • S’ip by S’well water bottle
S’ip by S’well

[Wishful thinking that I’ll drink more water if I have a pretty bottle]

  • Berry blue PS4 controller
Best Buy

[Since they don’t have a pink one for the PS4, this one is pretty!]

  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! for Switch



  • Beowulf on the Beach by Jack Murnighan
  • Interior Design Course: Principles, Practices, Techniques for the Aspiring Designer (by Tomris Tangaz)
  • Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home

[I’m both interested and overwhelmed by interior design but these seem like decent options for beginners]


  • Phantom Thread
  • There Will Be Blood

[Paul Thomas Anderson is genius]

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

[I get random urges to watch this, probably for Leo and Margot, my favorites]

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

[Loved it]

  • It

[I don’t own very many horror movies… but I did enjoy this one enough to see it twice in theaters so I’d love to own it]

  • Seasons 1 and 2 of Atlanta

[If you haven’t seen this show, PLEASE WATCH. It’s incredible]

Each year when I try to make my list, I’m constantly searching for what other people have on their list, but rarely find things beyond “What you should buy for a pre-teen” or “Great gift idea under $20”; what I really want is to see what people my age are searching for or people with similar interests… I imagine there’s others out there that may benefit from seeing Christmas lists (not just gift guides) so hopefully this helps someone out.

AND PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS of what is on YOUR Christmas list! I’m excited to see ideas!





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