Starting 2019 in true Tiffany fashion…

…you know, by not writing as much. 😉

Let’s see, what can I blame this on… lack of time? Lack of will? Lack of ideas? Getting ill?

Let’s not waste time on that! It’s about three weeks after Christmas so let’s just backtrack a bit here and look at what came from that.

My list had:

  • bath tray
  • prep bowls or ramekins
  • fake tropical-looking plants

  • book ends
  • candle that smells like baked bread Ended up with three😍
  • iPhone holder for car
  • hot water bottle
  • cozy, plain slippers
  • Intimates wash laundry bag
  • felt letterboard

  • kitchen gadgets (peeler, garlic press, citrus squeezer, etc.) Got SO many different items, I’m inspired to cook
  • Targaryen things

More specific things I added to my list:

  • Verismo Espresso pods (decaf)
  • S’ip by S’well water bottle
  • Berry blue PS4 controller
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! for Switch I can barely handle this, it’s too fricken cute


  • Beowulf on the Beach by Jack Murnighan
  • Interior Design Course: Principles, Practices, Techniques for the Aspiring Designer (by Tomris Tangaz)
  • Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home


  • Phantom Thread
  • There Will Be Blood
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  • It
  • Seasons 1 and 2 of Atlanta

So I’m feeling pretty grateful! Aside from those, I also received some surprises which was fun and had an intimate “Christmas morning” with friends! My friends know me well, I was gifted a special box for cheese, more bread candles, and puzzles!!

Even Tael received a gift!

And Aj… spoiled me rotten.

He made this awesome sign (a throwback to the neon sign from Batman Returns); it lights up and the “O” and “T” flicker (as in the movie when Selena breaks them to say “hell here”); I’m so impressed with it!!

And I also got a pink Dyson vacuum that I’m absolutely nuts about! It’s perfect.

So yes, feeling spoiled rotten and overwhelmed!!


Other January items to note:

-New Years was fantastic!! Went by so quick

-Got my one second a day of 2018 video edited and put together and it turned out wonderful

-Visited Hazen to have Christmas with the family which was ultra cute

-Ended up getting knocked out pretty hard by a cold for a couple days (still recovering a bit)

That’s about where we are at. There’s some other stuff going on but I’ll get to those in later posts. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

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