HP Sprocket Scrapbook

I was itching to use my Sprocket for another project and what better way than to make a personalized Christmas gift for a friend?!

I was trying to find a real scrapbook that was quite a bit smaller than the traditional 12×12 since the Sproket’s photos are so tiny. I couldn’t find what I wanted (or thought I wanted anyway) so I ended up buying a dinky 4×6 photo album which was disheartening at first. I also got index cards (decided to get one color rather than multi colored ones), washi tape, stamps and ink, and word stickers…and I used some past scrapbook stickers too.


Oh and of course, lots of Sprocket paper. And cookies for sustenance.

The reason for getting one color of index cards was so I could freely decorate with the stamps and washi tape. I thought it’d be a bit overwhelming to go about having more options…


Thankfully, after like 10 years of friendship, there are A LOT of photos of Christa and I which is awesome. I ended up accidentally doubling some on accident but once I noticed, it was easy to find a different photo, print that off and replace the double.


I also opted to use some “filler” pages I guess (not that I needed to); they were just the fronts of blank greeting cards I had! The fox one was too cute, I needed to use it!!



And I also found other photos to use which I thought would be fun, like some Instastax photos, text screenshots of our inside jokes, etc.

I used a bunch of washi tape to make the front and back cover, just using the photo album’s covers and covering them.

And to top it off, I ended it with a heartfelt letter to my best friend ❤️

I’m really happy with how it turned it out! I loved putting it together surprisingly; it didn’t cause me too much stress (besides spending $80 on printer ink only to have photos print color incorrectly 😠)

Most importantly, Christa loved it! She teared up a bit which is how I know it was a successful gift 😉

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