My Monthly Faves

Some things I enjoyed in the past month…

besides doing puzzles! (But puzzles really do help with keeping my mind and hands busy as the cabin fever sets in due to the cold weather)

TV: Legion!!

I watched it last year but was finally able to catch up with season 2. I rewatched the first season for fun because IT IS SO GOOD. How do I explain it? Well. It’s about a mutant (like X-Men) who is super powerful but schizophrenic. Dan Stevens stars and he’s incredible! The style is so different from other shows, it’s psychedelic and creative and… the music is incredible. It’s not obvious what is going on but it’s not annoying, it’s very well done.

Season 2 is a lot more emotional and has amazing original music. It has quite a few filler episodes but they are all done so well that you’re just enthralled. Or at least I was.

(It’s an FX show but available on Hulu)

Movie: Fyre and Fyre Fraud

Both documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival. I don’t recommend one over the other, I think both should be watched as they each seemed to focus on different things and talked to different people. It was extremely fascinating to watch how it all unfolded.


(I don’t listen to a lot of new music but here’s some songs that are my most played lately [not including Legion music])

The Other Side of Paradise-Glass Animals

I’ve heard a couple songs by Glass Animals but didn’t pay much attention. Then I heard Gooey and loved it so I listened to a lot more of their stuff and this is definitely one of my favorites. I love the sound, I’m bad at describing things, but it’s like smooth and groovy electro indie. And the lyrics tell this story in such a beautifully written way.

Mr. Tillman-Father John Misty

This song is the epitome of Father John Misty. It’s silly but you don’t expect it. I like how it’s told, by a hotel employee addressing FJM in a happy mood but also slightly concerned way. Also I love the music video for it!

Mi Mujer-Nicolas Jaar

Oops, didn’t I say I wouldn’t include music from Legion? My bad. But I just have been overplaying this one. It’s an electronic dance song that has the sickest bass line that your body just kind of moves on its own to.

bury a friend-Billie Ellish

I’ve been delving into Billie over the last couple months. I like her music, her electronic stuff a bit more, like You Should See Me in a Crown and this song. Her voice is fantastic for melancholy songs, but her soft voice works well for these angry-sounding songs too!

I can’t choose between these next two so I’m naming both:

Let It Happen-Tame Impala

Mystery Pop-The Temples

Yes, both have been around for a couple years…but like I said, I don’t often listen to new music! Both of these are catchy AF so I enjoy them. Plus I’m a sucker for the breakdown in Let It Happen!!

Books: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

This was the only book I got through last month. I listened to it on Audible and Dan Stevens read it (how appropriate); it was most enjoyable! He did voices for everyone and besides that, the story completely had me going. I had NO idea what the ending would be and didn’t manage to figure it out before it’s reveal. Loved it!


Also, as an addendum to the movie portion: Velvet Buzzsaw

Every Valentine’s Day for the past 5 years, Aj and I have watched a Jake Gyllenhaal movie (thank goodness he manages to do 2-3 a year so we can still see some in between). It started with Nightcrawler in 2015. It came full circle this year when I decided we should watch Velvet Buzzsaw (available on Netflix) as the writer/director, Dan Gilroy, did Nightcrawler as well. I was nervous (being a scaredy cat) for Velvet, but it wasn’t too scary and the concept was bizarre and haunting. I ended up really enjoying it. It sometimes felt almost comedic at times, but I think that was just the satire of it peeking through. Probably not a film for everyone, but I also think that’s why I tend to like that type of thing.

Let me know your thoughts on anything I’ve talked about!



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