Lil’ March Update

I almost called this a “Spring update” but… Spring is nowhere to be found. I think it got buried under the snow.

To avoid venturing out into the 30 (or more probably) inches of snow, I’ve just been spending my time feeling like I’m busy… but not actually doing much that is productive (i.e. puzzles…)

When I have ventured out, somethings I did include attending a bachelorette party for a friend where we did a murder mystery party game which was very fun (everyone was in character and took to playing their parts including costumes!)

I visited a new bar in the area (a couple times) called Harold’s and I like how intimate and fancy it feels (plus Christa and I danced with Har Mar Superstar there one night and I met Rob Pope which was very exciting for me!!!)

I had a doctor appointment which went very well and made me grateful for having such a great doctor (more on that another time maybe)

Otherwise, a couple perilous journeys to just visit friends and try to forget our cabin fever.

Besides that, I’ve mostly been at home or work. At home, I finished this Zelda puzzle which was a feat.

I started another puzzle I recently got from Amazon. I also found a group on Facebook for local puzzlers that I joined! It really is the best distraction from winter.

I finally watched Roma and I really liked it! It was an interesting story to watch and I loved the way it was told, just beautiful. I highly recommend it. And it won Oscars for best foreign language film, best director and best cinematography, all of which I very much agree with!

I also bought this eye shadow palette (as a fan of the colors and Zoe). Ive been playing with it a bit, even tried the blue! But it didn’t work out very well in my favor but it might still work as a eyeliner.

And to finish off March, I have things to look forward to: A trip to Florida and a baby shower for my best friend!

But please hurry here, spring. I miss you and summer.

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