Hair and There…

I have a weird relationship with hair products. Like I can’t commit sometimes.

But I’ve also found that my hair seems to have the same issue. Even when I find something that works really well and I keep using it, eventually my hair seems to grow tired of it! Like for the past year or so, I’ve been using Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and it was great! I mean it seems like a holy grail for a lot of blondes and it has been for me too.

Maybe it’s that half (more?) of my hair isn’t icy blonde anymore. Due to this pandemic, moving to a new city, and lack of cash, my hair has grown out.. a lot.

mm… that regrowth…

This nice dirty, dirty dishwater blonde…. or more likely, a dull mousy brown. I don’t love it. But I don’t have much of a choice right now so I’m dealing with it. Anyway, my hair just doesn’t feel as nice as it has before. This has happened before, I’ve used shampoos/conditioners that I loved and had great results until one day, they just stopped working as well. I’ve heard hair can get tired of products before but I’m really starting to think my hair lacks any loyalty.

I don’t pretend to know anything about hair care science. And researching it all seems to have conflicting results. I just try things suggested for my type of hair (which is EXTREMELY FINE, like to the point of “am I even holding any hair in my hand right now” fine) and if it seems to work, I use it for a while until my hair is like “Yo, I’m over it.” I’m sad it got tired of Olaplex, I thought maybe it had faced its fear and committed. I’m sure I thought the same thing with the Davines stuff I’ve posted about too.

And as frustrating as it can be to find new products, sometimes it’s fun too. I’m low on the Olaplex stuff so I decided to order something new: Verb products

I opted to try their volume line but if I don’t love it, I’m interested in their Ghost line as well! The hair mask was free with the purchase. And if that doesn’t work… well, I don’t know yet haha but the options appear to be endless! …except they probably are because my holy grail for fine hair will end up being baby shampoo.

If/when all else fails, maybe I can just invest in more wigs!

Edit: First day of using Verb shampoo and conditioner. Scent reminded me of really basic shampoo and conditioner, like the stuff in hotels. I actually kind of like that though! It’s pretty light too. Shampoo doesn’t lather much but I think that’s good because then it’s not full of sulfates, right? It says use a small amount but I ended up using quite a bit to feel like I cleaned my hair. Conditioner was nice, immediately smoothed and detangled but it’s meant to sit for 3-5 minutes so I did that.

Volume-wise, my hair seems the same it usually is after a shower. But it feels very light and smooth! Soft even which is super nice. I have yet to try the mask.

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