Are You Ready, Boots?

Start walkin’

Remember when I was obsessed with Red Dead Redemption II this year? How I named my cat after a favorite character from the game? How it made me wanna be a cowboy?!

Well I can’t take my horse to old town road because I don’t have a horse and I only want to go to Old Town if I can go to the saloon across from the Whaley House and TouchTunes some Orville Peck. (Okay so I’ve only done that once, but essentially everything in Old Town is closed right now due to pandemic and it’s a hot tourist spot)

So I guess all I can do is look the part with some kick ass cowboy boots!

I love these boots! I found them at Forever 21 and they’re gorgeous, comfy and fulfill the void Arthur Morgan left in my heart.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pass off wearing cowboy boots but since these are a little more fashion friendly rather than legit herding cattle work boots, styling them became a lot easier.

They’re also quite comfy, light and the little heel makes for that awesome loud shoe noise that I enjoy! Usually, the opening of a boot causes some insecurity for some reason so I tend to be really picky about them. I get nervous my skinny leg looks odd since the opening is so wide, but I feel like they’re also low enough on my leg that it doesn’t really matter.

Also, bonus photo(s) because I am pumped about it being close to Halloween! And so is Sadie

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