Animal Crossing Update

Still playing though not quite as much now that Valyria is thriving!

Things have changed on the island! Some things haven’t changed. Let’s follow our tour guide (me) through Valyria…


The garden area has been updated with a new entrance (and a new visitor it seems) as well as more flowers!


And AT LAST, we have the blue rose growing (multiple even!) GLORIOUS! More blue roses are on the way too


The zen garden and flower overflow area is still around, but slightly smaller to give way for this celestial pathway…


…which leads to a quaint star gazing area and also stairs to the beach movie theater, which is currently showing the film Jaws.


Blackbird Pizza is still around, nothing changed there. The orchard has been moved to the back of the island where a garden was growing. That garden was no longer needed as it was being used for the first couple steps of growing the blue rose (which we now have!!)


In the back of the orchard is a ramp to lead you to Redd’s beach.


The museum area has been updated slightly featuring some fighting dinos!


And very recently, a science portion has been added to the museum!!


The pool area has finally finished it’s construction and is open!! Just in time for summer


My house has also gone through some major changes, including a relocation.

Welcome to Dragonstone…


A legit castle.

Also, here’s the entrance and private beach. It’s basically on its own mini island


Originally, I did have my house black and red to represent being Targaryen, but I changed it in order to have it blend together a bit more.


The interior has changed as well. The living room, bathroom, den and basement all have been redone! The kitchen and bedroom remain the same. I redid the bathroom due to the HHA (Happy Home Academy) saying it was the worst room in the house… haha They didn’t phrase it quite as bluntly as that, but basically said it was bringing my score down so I took inspo from Animal Crossing communities and redid it to be the elegant bathroom it is today.


Who doesn’t love a bar in the basement?!

There also has been a couple other changes. Valyria has it’s own landmark (Mt. Valyria), a lovely entrance area, a surf shop (not pictured), ice cream parlor (also not pictured), and in progress is a statue garden!



I feel quite happy with it now. I don’t have much space left to add any more crazy things and do much more terraforming which actually is probably for the best! I still have a crazy amount of flowers on the island, but for the most part, I’ve been putting them in arrangements. There’s an absurd amount of flowers on my east beach, mostly hybrids, that I’m holding onto so I can make a couple more arrangements on the island. Gulliver has been gifting me landmark pieces now so I can do stuff with those! Still trying to clone some more blue roses in a spot to fill the color garden and whatnot but after that’s done, there will be space to put down those landmark pieces.

For fun, I streamed on Twitch the building of the science museum. It was nice to have friends watch and listen! I’d like to stream Animal Crossing again but it’s hard because I only tend to put 20-30 minutes into the game most days. I have started playing Dead by Daylight which has been fun and tried streaming that as well. It’s a little awkward but I am enjoying it!

Let me know what you think of Valyria!


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