Summer Outfits

No, you still shouldn’t go out without a mask. But if you have a mask, here’s outfit inspo you can wear with one outside!

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m making another outfit inspiration post since things in the world are scary and whatnot. But I’m bored. You’re probably bored. Here we go.

San Diego, if you didn’t know, has very temperate weather. Very unlike Fargo, where it’s cold AF in the winter (to the point of frostbite) and hot as hell in the summer (to the point of fainting). So much of my Fargo wardrobe was heavy coats or tank top and shorts. Very small window of anything in between 😔

So I can expand my wardrobe to cute outfits here (as if I actually went outside… but if I do, I have options). Also, sorry for the lack of shoe inspo, but it’s pretty rare I don’t just wear my trusty flip flops every time I need shoes.

Here they are (lacking the individual commentary on each this time because photos are more fun than words anyway)





70s vibes



And….some Sadie cat tax:




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