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Collection of thoughts over a couple days…


I don’t particularly have an idea for this post, but I think that’s okay. I hope this type of post every once in a while can be appreciated as I think it may be a bit more… real? Unstructured? Insight of me (after all, this blog is titled after myself 😉)

Aj and I have spent some nights and days watching movies that are on Empire Magazine’s 500 Greatest Films of All Time. I don’t believe it’s been updated since 2008 (at least the list we are using) and I’ve noticed not all the films included have amazing scores on Rotten Tomatoes (I’m not really sure how Empire decided on the 500 films to be honest) but it seemed like a decent list and not quite as ambitious as the 1,001 movies you must see before you die! We highlighted movies that we have seen already, and we will probably watch the ones only one of us has seen eventually, but it has been really awesome to see movies neither of us have seen!

(If you want to check out the list, here is a checklist you can mark what you have seen: Empire Magazine’s 500 Greatest Films of All Time)

It is getting a bit harder to want to watch a film since the weather has FINALLY gotten warm and beautiful out! I’m so glad, I feel like my mood often depends on the weather and I’m never truly satisfied until it’s been consistently warm and sunny. I feel like the past few months I was in quite the funk, sometimes with reason, mostly without, but I have things to look forward to as well (don’t fret, you’ll hear about them!)

With the brightened mood, I’ve been excited to get more posts going! I feel like picture-heavy posts are more fun to read and go through which is why I’ve tended to take that route. It’s also been fun to get the camera out and I look forward to doing that more often now too!

I also like to spend some time on weekends to watch Kitten Academy. It’s a 24/7 live-steam of kittens that are being fostered until they’re old enough to graduate and be adopted through a shelter. And at night, they do a live close-up of the kittens (and “faculty”) which is fun to see too. I’ve been watching them since YouTube suggested it to me in February so I’ve seen quite a few cycles of kittens come through and I love all of them!

The most recent graduates I actually got to see from birth which was really amazing. And all of their adopters have Twitter accounts for the kittens so people can stay updated on them!


This kitten is Haddie, my favorite of the bunch!

If you’re interested in checking them out, visit Kitten Academy or search for them on YouTube!

Lastly, got an order recently from boohoo! I like their simple styles of literally everything and reasonable prices.

 I like pinks… also the shoulder detail on this one is neat!

And another pink shirt.. and fun, flowy tank top!

On that note, I’m signing off on this post! It’s been a couple days in the works already!

Let me know how many of the 500 films you’ve seen!

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