Birthday for America and Me

Happy Birthday dear America and Tiffany! Happy birthday to us!


My birthday is the day before America’s and we found ourselves some time to visit our friends in Omaha for that weekend! Aj and I drove down to Omaha on the first to meet up with Kellen, Vanessa and Jake! Kellen’s parents were also visiting at the time we got there. Vanessa had asked me what I would like to do for my birthday but I couldn’t come up with anything as I was just excited to see them.

Little did I know that they had planned something super fun!

Upon arriving and meeting up with them, I was told that we would be leaving Omaha the next day to visit Okoboji, IA. Okoboji is home to a HUGE lake and set in plan was spending a lot of time on that lake. Which sounded like a perfect day to me.

On the following day, after spending the evening shopping for fun floaties and picnic food, etc. to take to the lake, we all packed into the car and started our journey there. It would take a couple hours so Vanessa, Jake and me all entertained ourselves in the backseat by playing Nintendo Switch. That’s where we found out that I was quite the master at eating sandwiches (they couldn’t beat my high score of 11 1/4).

Upon arrival, we stopped at a nice area near the lake to eat our picnic meal.


After our meal, we headed to our next fun activity, which was a booze cruise! The boat, which had its own bar, was set to take us across the lake to three different bars on the lake’s coasts. It was SO FUN to just be on the boat, travelling across the water that after the first bar, everyone on board decided to skip the second bar and continue just coasting to the next.

The last bar was definitely the most packed and fun! They had live music, people everywhere, fun cups, etc.

Back on the boat, it took us back to the start. Nearby, there was a small area of the lake to swim in so we took to doing that for a while since there weren’t any others swimming! We got out the floaties and just had a good time together

As the sun was setting and it was getting a bit chilly to swim, we headed to our hotel for the night and cleaned up a bit. For dinner, we went back out to the lake area to eat at The Okoboji Store. We sat outside on the upper deck over the lake and it was beautiful. Some people had even started lighting off some early fireworks so it was really fun to see those over the lake as well. Going back to the hotel, we had a quick dance party to some Sandstorm (as one does) and all passed out.

The next day we headed out to eat at a small burger place. We found a good beach nearby and decided to take advantage! Honestly, it was such a relaxing and fun day, it was a PERFECT way to spend my birthday!

Eventually, we packed up again to return to Omaha. Once back, we had dinner at Via Farina which was delicious! After that, we picked up a cake to celebrate! And played games and it was a great night 🙂

We left in the afternoon of the Fourth after eating another great meal at Jams Bar and Grille. Coming back into Fargo, there was a gorgeous sunset and fireworks in EVERY direction. We spent the rest of the night watching fireworks from our porch.


It was a fantastic weekend and so much fun and really makes me thankful for such good friends!

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