MAJOR Ulta Haul

FINALLY hit 2,000 points so I had a shopping spree!

Okay, so it probably doesn’t look huge, but this was at least $125 worth of products! (I think in total, it was over $150 but I only paid $30!!)

First, we’ll start with this freebie! Since July is my birthday month, this was a free gift from Ulta! I really love NYX and I’m always excited about eyeshadow palettes so this was an exciting freebie!


Continuing with makeup, I picked up an Urban Decay eyeliner (they’re so smooth and easy to put on, I love them!) I went for green, in hopes that maybe a green eyeliner would pick up the green in my hazel eyes.
I also picked up their concealer as I’ve heard it is amazing for blemishes. I concur. It’s pretty incredible coverage.

I also found NARS in Ulta (which must be new, I haven’t seen it there before!) and opted for a pink lip from them. There was one year where I got a duo set for free (birthday gift from Sephora) and I really enjoyed it so I thought I’d pick up another pink.

I always tend to keep my toenails painted (leaving my fingernails pretty plain) and I have one OPI nail polish I got as a gift and it’s long lasting and beautiful so I thought I’d get another. I was originally going to get a light green color but once I saw this blue one… I mean… it’s too pretty. I feel like I’m a sucker for bright blues!
I also found the OGX spray I just ran out of recently and while I can’t say much on how it works to hydrate my hair, the smell is too good to pass up on. So I grabbed a new bottle. (Also, is cloudberry a real thing? It sounds fake. But I’ll accept because ugh, the smell is too good)


Lastly, skin care items! I’m not one to care very well for my skin (oops) but I would say I have pretty cooperative skin anyway. It doesn’t need much to take care of it. But I’ve been more interested in skincare thanks to Origins and The Body Shop (and watching a few beauty gurus I enjoy) and I had this Origins product on my mind for quite some time now. It smells so nice, like a literal cup of refreshing white tea! And it feels lovely on the skin.

I also picked up this Garnier Moisture Rescue as I read somewhere it was a cheap dupe for Clinique’s Moisture Surge. I don’t think anything would really be as good as that Clinique but I thought I’d give it a try. It certainly does have the same consistency.


I was pretty excited for this body mousse! And it doesn’t disappoint. It feels extremely nice on the skin, smells amazing (duh) and putting it on is such a strange sensation! It almost sounds like putting a strange consistency of Pop Rocks on your skin! The sound mostly. It doesn’t really feel like Pop Rocks.


It’ll probably take me a while to get back up to 2000 points but that’s okay but this haul was REALLY worth it!

2 thoughts on “MAJOR Ulta Haul

    1. I love OGX a lot too, I may have a few too many things from them!
      Also good to know about cloudberries! I have never seen one before, kind of interested in finding one now haha

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