Six pounds lifted off my shoulders

..err… from my drawers?

mmm…sweet, clean vanity space!
I had quite the huge makeup clean out recently where I ended up throwing out 6 lbs. (yes, I did weigh it!) of makeup products/tools!

It was scary, to be honest. A lot of it were old products I just never threw away but were 3/4 used or close to empty or just plain old. I guess I’m pretty bad at moving onto new things too fast and not finishing what I already have and then just forgetting about it in a drawer. I think I also fall into routines of what I like to use and wear and stick with using those products daily.

There were even some eye shadows and such that I never/rarely used but only kept because I thought they looked pretty in their packaging. Very useful, Tiffany…

Also some of the products were things I’ve received from my monthly Ipsy and Sephora subscription boxes; either stuff I used once and didn’t like or stuff I, again, used most of and just didn’t throw out.

I probably haven’t had a good clean out of makeup since repacking all of it from a gross bin of plastic drawers into a neat, slick Ikea Alex Drawer unit but even then I didn’t toss much.

So now I’m down to just have this:

Which probably still seems like a lot but these are all things I use often enough so that they don’t get old and gross and that I really love.

Also, they’re quite a bit more organized! Sort of anyway…

Looking more closely, these are where I keep the single eyeshadows…


…and bronzer and blush…

And then a bunch of eyeliners piled here with highlighters and face powders…


and more regularly used smaller palettes and primers…


and foundations/concealers!


All of it is just sitting on my vanity for now too since I’ve been using it more. Have to justify keeping this much stuff yet!

Still can’t believe I got rid of six pounds though… YIKES.


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