Scrapbook Mayhem

Last summer, I decided to do a scrapbook of my wedding. I think before this, I had started or tried to do at least two other scrapbooks and completely abandoned them!

I’m not sure why, but putting this together was extremely stressful to me and caused me a week or so of anguish. But I did NOT give up!

I’m not entirely sure why I had so many issues with making a scrapbook. I think I got overwhelmed by the process. There’s so many stickers and fun things to use, so many gadgets, so many different ways you can have a page look. I’m not entirely sure that the previous scrapbooks I tried to make really had a theme either which would make them harder.

At least for this one, I could concentrate on one thing. I think that helped immensely. For a wedding, there’s wedding stickers, there’s a color scheme you can follow, there’s certain types of paper and you have a butt-load of photos to use (and if you’re anything like me where you get picky about how you look in photos, that narrows down which photos you want to use as well! 😉) But also when you have an amazing photographer who takes amazing photos… it gets hard to pick still. 

My mother-in-law scrapbooks and I’m always impressed with the ones she’s made! I borrowed a couple tools from her but I also ended up buying MANY for myself too. In case I somehow catch another scrapbook-bug! (No promises)


To be completely honest, I didn’t map out everything (which in the end would have been a bit easier!) And I ended up going back to the store to get more and more things often, and printing off more photos and different sizes. I highly suggest trying to at least map out a couple pages! It also would help so that once you have finished all the pages you want, they end up on the correct pages (for instances, I wanted the wine passage and the poem on one spread, same with the getting ready bits, dinner bits, etc.) Not planning that out meant I had to add an extra page somewhere or include more of something else. That process got a bit frustrating!


I also was running into the issue of trying to make each page different from the last, using different photo borders or layout or designs. I didn’t want it to become boring to look through so I was constantly trying new things and making up designs and using some random stickers to do that.


Also that thing kept happening where I end up working on a page for a long time and due to staring at it and working with it, I ended up hating it more and more. I think that happens to most people when they work on a project. But rather than scrapping (heh, pun?) the page and starting over, I just kept at it with my original idea and keeping it minimal so as to not add too much to one page.


In the end, when it was done, I was IMMENSELY proud of it! I loved every page and every once in a while, I’ll pick it up to look through and relive the day and it feels wonderful!!!


Almost makes me want to do another soon…. almost.


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