Autumn is Here

You can feel it in the air…. the cold, cold air.I’m a bit torn about it. On the one hand, I love summer, I love being warm and when the sun sets and you can still feel the warm air wrap around you, mmm!


Visiting the Atlantic Ocean in NC

But on the other hand, autumn is extremely pretty and it means Halloween is coming and cuddly nights!

I might give autumn a bad rep. It seems like here, autumn comes fast and leaves just as fast and winter is upon us. And winter is mean. I absolutely cannot stand being cold and winter gets below zero so often. It’s all good for December, when it snows lightly and there’s Christmas to look forward to. But winter sticks around for January, February, March, pretty much April. That’s a long time to be cold. And in the dark. So that seasonal depression hits hard and last long.

So I find it hard to look forward to autumn, while at the same time feel a bit giddy for it! I just got back from a trip to Denver that really prepared me for cold weather though.

Christa and I walking in Denver

And now I’m looking forward to Halloween, which I tried to keep from doing a bunch of crafts until this month started. OH and treats, Halloween treats are my FAVORITE to make!!! I already have some cupcakes planned out 😊

I also have half my costume ready and I’m super excited about it! So that’s some things to look forward to. I’m just really going to miss 80 degree weather.

What do you love or dislike about fall?

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