Autumn Baking


October is my favorite month to make cupcakes and such because you can find the cutest decorations and sprinkles!! Like these super cute cupcake liners and toppings:


Spice cake with cream cheese frosting

I seriously have so many different types of liners at this point because I just keep buying more and more when I see them…

I also have WAY too many types of sprinkles; different colors too, as well as these mist spray things which are interesting. For the most part, I’m not crazy about them (why do I have four of them, I have no idea) because they don’t really add much to cupcakes. They might be better for actual cakes though, where you can tell it’s been sprayed. For cupcakes though, they tend to just look like the frosting had been colored.

I actually asked for piping bags and tips last Christmas and ended up with quite a lot which has been fun to play with too.

Besides the autumn cupcakes I made this past weekend, I also volunteered to make some cupcakes for Vanessa for a surprise birthday visit! While looking for fun birthday toppers, I found these adorable flamingo sprinkles that I thought she might like. I also got a yellow color mist to add to the frosting (since yellow is her favorite color and goes well with pink).


Vanilla cake with pink swirl and vanilla frosting

I’m already itching to make more! I have an idea for Halloween themed cupcakes and I can’t wait to see how those turn out!


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