The Ordinary Preview (plus more)


A couple months ago, I was talking skin care with a friend and she mentioned this brand, and how they just were straight up with their ingredients. No cute names, no fancy terminology, just to-the-point. And later I saw someone I follow on Instagram mention it as well. So I finally bought some.

I’m not sure why I waited so long, I probably just forgot. Their products are so inexpensive too, these three things with shipping was less than $25. I ended up buying a foundation in two different colors (since I wasn’t sure which one I’d prefer) and a skincare item that sounded good to me.

Their website is incredible. If you aren’t sure what skincare item you want, they spell out all the benefits one type does, when to use it, how to use it, what NOT to use it with, etc. It seemed overwhelming at first but once it broke it down, I actually had trouble deciding what I wanted to try.

This is what I settled on:


I haven’t used it yet; it’s recommended to use in the PM and I just opened these up today. But I will let you know my thoughts when I do try it!


For the foundations, I got the lighter coverage kind in Very Fair and Fair:


I tried both on my face. As you blend it in, they are not quite so drastic


I LOVE the formula, it feels so smooth! It blends nicely and gave me a light but even coverage. I think the very fair is a bit more neutral while the fair had a bit more color to it (which I prefer, to look slightly less ghostly).

I also want to add in a mini rave. I picked up a drugstore foundation to use during the week (when I put on less makeup to get through a workday) and I heard Fit Me was a favorite of people. I have to say I’m happy with it! It also is very smooth and easy to work with. Coverage is great and feels so light



I got a pet! A fish! His name is Tael and he’s been the highlight of my week. I feel like when I sit near the tank, he comes and hangs out and stares at me (he’s probably just waiting for food, but at least he’s recognizing when I come by!) I also like to think of him as a cat of the water. We got him a heater for his tank and that has become his favorite spot and bed. He makes me quite happy!




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