Spring(ish) Haul


I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I just keep making sure I come home to a package. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So here I am to share with you some recent purchases!



Both from ASOS


SUCH a soft sweater! Very happy with it.


I like color


Society 6 and H&M


I was looking for just a simple but cute tank top and I loved this image


I have been searching for a NASA shirt to go with my galaxy skirt



Both from Target


I originally was going to buy throw pillows since I got a gift card to Target, but… I guess I forgot and bought a swimsuit instead.


I also wanted a simple cover-up to go with it! I have a pretty cute one already, but this one seems less… fancy I guess. Which I wanted.

Moving on from clothes:


I was looking for a small, fashionable backpack to take place of a purse and found this on ASOS which is perfect!


and moving into other things yet…


Bath and Body Works was having a sale. I was hoping they still had a bunch of their ocean/beach scents in, but many had been replaced already. I was able to find a couple of things in some of my favorite scents though! I actually don’t buy very much of their body stuff anymore, mostly have just gotten wall plug-ins from them. But I thought it’d be nice if I smelled as nice as my apartments does!


I also visited Deciem again. I was looking for a moisturizer that would work well with the lactic acid I had gotten (see previous post). That pretty large bottle was $7! I like it. I also decided to try the fuller coverage foundation and it reminded me a lot of the True Fit foundation (see again previous post) but maybe a bit more serum-y. So it definitely covers more than the other foundation I got, but it doesn’t feel any heavier!

That’s all for now! (although I think more things are still going to be arriving at my door…. oops!)

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