New Journal Tool

I bought a new gadget!

I’ve been interested in one of these for a couple months, there’s so many cute things you can do with the prints! I looked a little into each kind besides the HP Sprocket (Ivy by Canon, one from Polaroid); the Sprocket sounded most what I wanted since it has the sticker type paper. Plus I didn’t look that hard into the other models to be honest…

It works great! The image of the photos is a bit odd if you look really closely. It reminds me of a printer that tries to print the details of a photo but they smudge together a bit. If that makes any sense. But overall, the image is good enough to tell what it is of. Also besides printing off your camera roll, you can also link the Sprocket app to your own social media sites and print from there too!


So my first project I wanted to do with the Sprocket was write a bullet-journal type recap of my recent trip to Austin, Texas. Granted this is my first time trying this type of journaling (I’m usually the type of person to want to describe things out completely and use full sentences), I’m pleased with how it turned out. And the additions of the images make it so cute and fun! I love it.



You can also add in borders, images, text, etc.


Look forward to more projects that involve this gadget… maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One thought on “New Journal Tool

  1. I was gonna buy one of these later this summer! Thanks for sharing your helpful thoughts on it! (Also love the pages you created!)


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