Little Update on Things


I thought I’d give some updates to things I’ve incorporated into my life over the last couple weeks.

I bought a plant! It’s a Peace Lily which is a type of plant I’ve wanted since college. I never got one before because I thought they were GIANT plants but I found one at Home Depot in a 6 inch pot which was exciting. This is the first real plant in my home and I’m terrified I’m going to somehow kill it. I know nothing about keeping plants! That’s why I always buy fake ones! But I’m determined to keep it alive. So far, so good.



A blogger I follow mentioned this book which I’m considering picking up because I imagine it’d be very helpful, especially since I would love another plant and eventually also perhaps get a Split Leaf Philodendron!


Tael is still doing very well! He makes me quite happy. I spend a lot of time showing him random objects and photos or videos and asking if he likes them. I don’t know if he does.. he’s hard to figure out haha But he does seem to stare at some of them for a bit so I imagine he’s at least kind of interested?

One thing I’ve made more of an effort to do is track my emotions. Frankly, I’m quite sick of wondering to myself why I feel a certain way, as that tends to lead to existential crises, etc.


So I bought this mood journal from a seller on Etsy to track them, maybe find patterns or just find some release from the emotions by writing them down? I am finding it difficult to do when I feel happier or neutral. But the layout of it is nice; I can just add in how I feel for the day, what happened and if I feel like writing why, I can do that too.


I’ve also got back into reading a bit. I finish one of the three books I was in the middle of reading and also completely finished another. I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It was a decent read. I know they made an HBO series out of it coming out this summer with Amy Adams so I was picturing her a lot as I read it. I’m excited to watch it because it has a great cast!

I’m also discovering new music to listen to which I love because I often get stuck listening to the same songs over and over again until I hate them. I have to thank The Current for that. It’s a radio station from Minneapolis. I love their mix of music, it’s so diverse and amazing. And they feature local artists a lot too which is great!

That’s it for now; feel free to recommend me more things I should try!


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