Quick Foundation Review


Yeah, I’m not sure why I keep buying foundations….


I am QUITE happy with this one! Like… probably more than any of the others I’ve talked about.

I heard about Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (mouthful) through Emma Pickles and being as she is pale like me (although I think she has yellow undertones whereas I.. either have pink or none. I have no idea. Not going to pretend I know for sure either!)

Firstly, I was slightly afraid because upon buying it, there was no shades to pick from. It apparently just comes in one shade? So I was worried it wouldn’t match me well. Secondly, this is probably the first Korean beauty product I’ve purchased even though I have only heard amazing things about any Korean beauty product!

Also SPF bonus!!!!! I don’t know about all the PA++ (something about different types of sun rays?) but I love that it protects me from the sun. Because the sun and I don’t always get along.

So first reaction, it felt a bit… well, like how sunscreen feels actually. The color didn’t seem far off and after it was all blended out and covering my face (which I just used my fingers to do by dabbing), I was so confused. It was like all the uneven tones in my face disappeared! It didn’t cover blemishes much (mine are usually pretty difficult to cover anyway due to their texture). But the best way I can explain it is that it just evened out my skin while still allowing my skin to show through. That sounds crazy but I’m not sure how else to explain. I was very impressed with it! It makes my face look as though I’m not wearing any foundation but rather than all my pink splotches or uneven tones showing, it just looks like I have amazing skin tone!

It is LOVELY. And it doesn’t feel heavy at all and doesn’t really seem to wear off much throughout the day. It didn’t feel drying at all or make me feel oily either.

This has been replacing every foundation I currently have… oops! 😉

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I originally wrote this post a week ago and forgot to take/add photos to it and currently I’m sitting in an airport but I have an important update!

While on vacation (heading home now) I got sunburnt on my nose (remember to reapply every so often when you’re outside!!!) but this foundation covered it pretty well! My nose is awfully pink/red right now but Klairs only lets a tiny shade of very light pink show through. I am quite impressed



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