Love is in the Hair

Well this happened…

Legit haven’t had this short of hair since I was like… 11.

So to celebrate half my hair being lopped off, I decided to try some new products! Mostly things to help keep that blonde to stay cool and bright!


Besides the Aveda, the Fudge and Davines stuff I found being suggested by a hair stylist. I hadn’t heard of either brand before.


Fudge shampoo: This stuff is very purple. As it should be. I’ve tried quite a few different purple shampoos at this point and this one doesn’t seem to dry out my hair as much. I know purple shampoos tends to do that, dryness happens in the process of removing those brassy tones, so I’m happy this one doesn’t make my hair feel like straw. I only wash my hair a couple times a week and I decided that giving my hair a break between purple shampoo washings might help with keeping it healthy.

Enter Davines Minu Shampoo.

To me, it felt like your typical shampoo. But it didn’t weigh down my hair and it definitely cleaned my hair (I know this because I had some crazy and massive amounts of hairspray in my hair). Also it seems a little boujee that its made with caper blossom extract from someone’s farm in Italy, which I like haha It did make it feel a little tangled and difficult to run my fingers through, but oh my, this Oi conditioner takes care of ANY issues my hair might have…


This conditioner makes my hair feel SO soft and SO silky, I love it! And a little goes a long way! (Well for my now very short hair anyway. Still trying to get used to using less product….) I don’t even know what else to say about it. It’s my new favorite.


I decided to pick up this conditioner too. I haven’t used it yet, but it sounded like my blonde color might also benefit from using this occasionally. Frankly, I’m slightly afraid of it. I’m convinced it’ll turn my hair purple. Although I’m sure that’s easy to wash out too. So I just need to go for it!


Lastly, since I’m only washing my hair two days a week, I got this to do some fill-in. A friend of mine used this and I’m a little confused how I have never heard of dry shampoo that isn’t aerosol. And why is that not more popular?! And being that this is Aveda, it’s an absolute stunner. I just shake the bottle a little bit, open it and gently squeeze the bottle and little puffs of powder come out and again, don’t need much at all! AND THE SMELL! It’s heavenly. I can’t even explain it, apparently it’s like 25 different flowers/plants. Crazy.

Anyway that’s how I’m caring for my hair now. I’m still trying to figure out how to curl it. I used to be able to just curl it and it’d stay curly for a couple days. But I guess that doesn’t work anymore and I have to style it each day. Also I can no longer sleep on it else I get weird kinks.

Any tips you can give would be great!! I’ve watched all the videos about how to curl with a straightener but for some reason, it just NEVER makes sense to me. I don’t get it. And I also am trying to avoid curling it in a way that gives me helmet hair. Learned that the hard way…



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