Visiting Boise

I’m having a bit of a creative block lately, unsure what to write about (or even do with my hands at all!) But I thought I’d write about visiting Boise, Idaho at the beginning of July

The reason Aj and I went to Boise is because his dad lives there and wanted us to come out. We flew out early on the third arriving in the afternoon. We stayed with Aj’s dad and his girlfriend, Dixie, who has a beautiful home! The first night, we packed up a dinner and went to Shakespeare in the Park where we got to see a performance of Mamma Mia! I loved it!


On the Fourth, we didn’t do too much. Just relaxed and entertained the pupper. We wanted to help set up for the Fourth of July party but kept being told to just enjoy our time in Boise so we did a lot of relaxing in the sun and pool. Eventually we were able to help put up some decorations and put together some food. Dixie is kind enough to host a party every year! Aj and I got to meet a lot of very kind people, eat very well (his dad on the grill and Dixie made homemade ice cream), and enjoy so many fireworks!

The next day, we were up early to go white water river rafting…which neither of us had done before! I was nervous but once we finally got going down the river, I just had so much fun!! Along the river, we stopped a couple times, to see a hot spring, to carry the raft past some rougher areas, and for lunch too! It was seriously a lot of fun, albeit slightly unnerving sometimes; but no one fell out which I’d say is successful 😉


Later that night, we had dinner at 10 Barrel Brewing and got to explore downtown Boise a little bit and see Freak Alley, an area for public art. Very neat!


Our last full day there we visited Bogus Basin for their summer activities, like summer tubing, climbing wall, and something called the Glade Runner, which is basically a go-kart mixed with a roller coaster. The Glade Runner was our first stop where I rode tandem with Aj. With Aj in control of the speed, I ended up just screaming the entire time even though he assured me he was slowing down. He later admitted he was just going full-speed the entire time around…

After that we tried summer tubing, rock climbing, and then rode the ski lift up so we could hike back down. It was a very beautiful hike! We tried the Glade Runner again, though I opted to go tandem with Dixie the second time (much more scenic that way), and we watched the boys go a couple more times too.


After leaving Bogus, we had a nice, chill evening chatting with each other.

Saturday morning we trekked back home. I liked visiting Boise, it’s a fun and beautiful place 😃


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