2019 Music

I’m aware we are two months into 2020, but I’m going to talk about some stuff from 2019 still

Near the end of last year, I made a bigger effort to listen to music. I listened to A LOT, using Reddit, YouTube, Amazon music (mostly) and their playlists (because they finally recognized Indie as a genre!) for suggestions. Some also came from Edgar Wright’s top songs of the year which I always look forward to! And then I made a playlist of the songs I liked and would re-listen to. I listened to this playlist often. I made sure to only add songs that had come out in 2019. Here they are! All 26… (and I won’t talk about each and every song, promise)

IMG_6035 2

I’ve been telling everyone I can about Orville Peck, I adore him and his voice is incredible! It’s the best country music I’ve heard in years. And it seems for some reason, a couple artists decided to cover The Whole of the Moon lately? But I really like Kirin’s version.

IMG_6036 2

I still can’t stop listening to Dansu’s State of Mind, it’s so FUN! I’m so glad I found that song (thanks to a website listing best indie dance tracks). Summon the Fire is interesting; it was a song that came from Edgar’s list. Aj really likes listening to it, especially when we are driving. Sometimes it reminds me of that video of the really bad sax solo that went viral (here) but for some reason, I always thought that solo was really wholesome? But Summon the Fire is a much better, all around song haha

IMG_6037 2

Most of the songs on this playlist are by people I haven’t heard of before, but there’s a couple artists I have liked a lot that released new music, like Glass Animals, Rex Orange County, Temples, Beck and Two Door Cinema Club, so I was very excited to listen to songs by them! I added my most favorite of each of those artists to this playlist (although I think the Glass Animals song was released only as a single?) Totally was obsessed with Post Malone’s Circles, I once opened the window because I could heard another apartment nearby playing it haha Aj told me Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala) had a hand in the song somehow which makes a lot of sense to me now. And the Vin Jay song, I found on Reddit. I was just really impressed with it, guy deserves more recognition!

IMG_6038 2

And that’s the last of ’em! I have already started a new playlist for music coming out this year, but I haven’t listened to music much lately. I think I only have one song on it as of right now (a Hamilton Leithauser song 😊). I’ll be sure to listen to more music so I can add (and share) more later on!

Let me know if you’ve found any songs on here that you like too! Or leave suggestions for me!!!!

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