Spring Outfits

Technically, this was supposed to go up a year ago. But I don’t follow trends, I don’t know what is in style, I’m not a fashionista. I just get excited when I put together a cute outfit! So here are some I wore (last year)

Outfit #1


Pretty simple! T-shirt, midi skirt (polka dots because ❤️), and Converse! Casual and cute and comfy.

Outfit #2


A cute gray sweater paired with black bibs (or if you didn’t grow up in my household, overalls/dungarees), and sneakers (mine are Vans). I tend to think that if my arms are covered and warm, my legs won’t get as cold but even if that’s true (which it probably isn’t), my legs are always the first to get cold in winter. So maybe it’s just a summer/spring thing for me. Or I’m crazy and none of this is true haha

Outfit 3


Striped tee with a pink overall dress, black fleece-lined tights, and black boots. I wore this to a baby shower and for Easter last year, I really liked this outfit! I know you can’t see the boots very well and I think they’ve popped up in another post, but here’s a photo:


Outfit 4


I put this together last year, but I didn’t have a photo so I recently took this one. Inspired by Suzy Berhow, bootleg jeans, patterned tank top with a blazer and cute booties. This outfit allowed me to get another pair of Lauren Conrad shoes so no complaining there 😉


Happy (almost) Spring!


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