Well this is.. something. But we found a way to keep our time fully occupied!

Meet Sadie Adler (yes, namesake is Sadie from Red Dead Redemption II)


We have been trying to adopt a kitten basically since we got to San Diego. After many slipping through our fingers (and many hours spent on websites looking constantly), we found Ofelia! And we finally got a foot in the door to apply for her adoption with real chance. We drove to Oceanside to meet her (and her siblings, all very precious!) She was very, very shy when we first met her so we tried to spend some time with her and played with her siblings hoping she’d warm up. She never ran too far away when we got too close which we took as a good sign.


When we picked her up a couple days later (after her spay), she was the last kitten of her litter left and I guess she got a bit lonely! On the drive home, she stayed in my lap and just kept meowing at me and trying to sit on my shoulder. MUCH different personality from the shy kitten we first met!

Now it’s been a couple weeks. She’s adjusted well to her new home. She sleeps often and plays hard (typically hardest at 1 AM…) She sleeps on my pillow at night above my head. We cuddle often. She’s spoiled rotten by us! She’s well loved (even though she just erased my entire post haha)

8160EBA5-CC0B-4A15-9526-E43AAF909D66 2

Her and Animal Crossing have been keeping me busy during this lockdown. Besides going out to pick Sadie up (and stopping by a couple pet stores for supplies) and going to the grocery store, we haven’t gone anywhere since…March 14? Oof.

Our last in-restaurant meal… missing those BBQ Pork buns
Frame-16-04-2020-03-16-11 copy
Taking a walk and snacking on gelato
View of downtown from Shelter Island

Luckily, we have had many a game or movie night with friends via Zoom and such!

Frame-16-04-2020-02-47-49 copy

That’s about all we have been up to lately. It’s finally getting warmer and sunnier here now too (been quite rainy) which will probably make this quarantine a bit harder to deal with. Hope you all are doing well and are safe!! Maybe I’ll try to do something special soon, like a craft or something. We’ll see. Sadie makes doing some things like that a little harder haha


One thought on “Quarantine

  1. With Sadie there, jigsaw puzzles are probably history. The cats we had would steal the pieces and could jump up on the table especially when we weren’t around.


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